About us

About us

We are an exclusive family-owned, Maltipoo online puppy store. Our puppies come from a long line of family breeders. We have been trained, certified, and monitored to make sure that we adhere to the best practices and that the puppies meet the highest quality standards. We care and tend for our puppies as if they will forever be ours. We want to bring love and satisfaction to every family, so they can experience the love and companionship of having a puppy, as we once did with the parents of our puppies!

We are always concerned with the health, conformation, and temperament of all of our dogs. We take pride in the fact that our puppies come from the best family that can raise puppies with love for dogs. Quality is our number one goal. We do this by meeting the breed standards, insuring good health, and providing a loving and nurturing environment ~ thus allowing for a solid family companion that has a loving, gracious temperament. Not only are we focused on providing the best quality puppies from our home to yours, we do what is necessary to earn your trust and surpass your expectations well after you receive one of our puppies. We are committed to you and your puppies for the life of the dogs.  Simply because it is the right!

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